Raw Premium Honey

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Our honey comes from the Bee Hives located in Northern Pakistan.  This pure and raw honey is made by the honey bees which are only fed on the nectar of rare Berry and olive seasonal flowers.  Due to its limited production and proven medical benefits it is in much demand throughout the world. Since centuries Bairy (Ber) honey and Olive honey has been reported to be used as a medicine. Regular use of  our pure and raw honey boosts up immune system hence body resistance to infections. From centuries Honey has always been an essential ingredient of all natural cosmetic care products. 

* Raw and Un Heated (Note: Heating honey destroys its most beneficial qualities)
* Hygenic 
* Strong Antibacterial Qualities


1 Kg Bairy (Sidr) Honey
1 Kg Hunza Olive Honey

This is Premium Bairy honey from the mountains of potohar. It is Organic honey harvested without using antibiotics and pesticides.

Price: PKR 3,000

From the land of apricots and olive trees , Royal Olive honey is one of the best tasting honey you can find in Pakistan.

Price: PKR 2,500
1 Kg Chitral Herbal Honey
1 Kg Kashmir Honey

Herbal honey made from nectar collected from herbal tree blossoms in Northern Pakistan with high medicinal effect. Read More...

Price: PKR 2,500

Honey picked from hives in Kashmir where honey bees graze on various types of flowers, giving honey a distinct flavor, color and medicinal properties.

Price: PKR 2,500